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Student Rescourses:

Boogaloo Essentials:






200g Medium Steel Wool

Replacement Blades 9mm, Box of 10

Lining Paper 1000 Grade

Flap Discs Grinding 80

Kleenex Cube Balsam Tissues

Acetone Pure High Quality- 1Litre

5 x 180 Grit Dry Sandpaper 23 x 28cm Sheets SandingPaper

High Performance Wood Filler Dark 275g

Quick Drying Polyfilla, 330g

Gilding Wax (Gold Leaf)

Stripe Single 6mm 10 Metres Black

Double Sided Tape

Paints & Inks:

U-Pol Etch Primer Spray Aerosol Power Can 500ml

U-Pol Matt Black Spray Aerosol Power Can 500ml

*GOLD* Unipaint PX-30 Paint Marker Broad Chisel

Black Water Based Ink 300ml. To be used with the GROG CUTTER pen.

400ml Brilliant Finish Bright Metallic Gold

Satin Furniture Eggshell Paint Finish 1 Litre Black

Zinsser 1 Litre 123 Bulls Eye Primer/Sealer Paint

Power Tools:

Silverline 260W Electric Power Sander Belt File

Angle Grinder Slide Switch 240V

Cordless Drill Driver Set, 2 Batteries

Detail Mouse Sander 220W





Hand Tools:

Draper 195 mm Tack Lifter (mini crowbar)

Slimline Snap Off Knife

Gloss Pile Mohair Mini Paint Rollers and Frame

Adjustable Wrench 150mm

Saw Horse tresele
(Pack of 2)

Clamp, 300mm, Pack of 2

Clay Modelling Tools

500ml Squeeze Wash Bottle

Soft-Grip Bradawl - Tapered Square Tip

Rolson Screwdriver Set - 6 Pieces

Blue Spot Flat Wood Bits (6 Pieces)

Chip Paint Brushes Disposable (20 Pack)

STANLEY Tylon Tape, 5m/16ft

Silverline Steel Rule 900 mm

Stainless Steel Straight Edge Metric Ruler 30 cm)

Mixed Paint Brush Set (Pack of 5)

200mm 8" Cable Cutters Lifetime Warranty

Screwdrivers Small x 2




3x22 g Pritt Stick

Titebond 1414 lll Ultimate Wood Glue (16fl oz)

Lumberjack 5 minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid - 750 g

Gorilla Glue Epoxy 25ml


Emma J Shipley Animalia Extinct Wallpaper Gold

Emma J Shipley Animalia Audubon W0099/04 Wallpaper Pink

Wonderland Tropical Wallpaper Navy Blue Holden

Arthouse 690101"Pindorama Wallpaper

Lemur Wallpaper Navy Blue Tropical Jungle Birds




Health & Safety:

3M Spray Paint Respirator Half-mask

Blue Vinyl Disposable Gloves, Powder-Free, Box of 100, Medium

Ear Plugs, Pink&Yellow, 20 Pairs

3M Safety Glasses, Anti-Scratch / Anti-Fog,

Leather Work Gloves





24Pcs Round Cabinet Knobs 30mm

Door Drawer Ring Pull Handles Knobs Antique Brass Metal 10 Pack

Snap Off Screw M4 50 Pk

Universal Screws kit

Brass Gripper Catch Latch x 10




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